Disadvantages of Using Deep Learning

Some of the disadvantages of deep learning are:

  • They are inscrutable: you can’t understand why they have come to a particular result without having years of experience working with them and even then not always.
  • Training then and choosing the right network topology is a black art: some things work and some things don’t but it’s not clear there’s a good methodology for designing the “right” network architecture. This is especially so for some of the more exotic setups like Generative Adversarial Networks.
  • They take a lot of data (far more than other algorithms) to train.
  • They take a lot of time (far more than other algorithms) to train.
  • They take a lot of memory (far more than other algorithms) to execute. This is an issue especially on mobile.
  • You never quite know when training a neural network is “done.”
  • There’s no theoretical foundation for neural network.
  • They do not generalize well (e.g. if you train a network to drive a car on sunny days, and then test it in the rain, expect it to fail abysmally).

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